Region Launches Phase II of CPO 365 Training

Last Updated : 5/11/2011 10:04:47 AM

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Following the March 18 announcement of the Fiscal Year 2012 chief petty officer board eligible first class petty officers, Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) moved into the second phase of the Chief Petty Officer 365 (CPO 365) training program.

CPO 365 is a three-phase training process, created by the Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy as guiding principles for inducting new Chief Petty Officers.

According to NRSW Staff Command Master Chief William Robinson, CPO 365 was not created to replace or change the induction process, but to help welcome in and develop the prospective chief petty officers (PCPO).

"What we're doing in the chief's community is engaging more with the first classes and giving them insight on what we do as chiefs and what is expected of them once they become chiefs," said Robinson. "It's also another way to enhance the mentoring and training that is already being done and open up lines of communication."

The three-phase approach, as explained by Robinson, officially starts each year with phase one on Sept. 17 and phase two, once board-eligible results are released.

"Phase Three is the actual induction season. Over the past few years, the announcement of 'who made chief' has been released later than expected. This has presented a bit of a challenge for us when having to transform a first class into a chief in just a small amount of time," said Robinson.

Robinson added that the new approach will help to alleviate some of the time constraints that were presented in the past and to open up more opportunities for networking.

Currently, NRSW's Chief Petty Officer Association is working hand-in-hand with first classes on community relations projects, physical training, sharing meeting minutes and allowing access to sailor of the quarter and disciplinary review boards.

Weekly lesson plans have also been incorporated into Region's program which includes topics ranging from professionalism, leadership, naval heritage, character and loyalty to help broaden the knowledge and scope of the PCPOs.

"Everyone has a different leadership style and deckplate leadership is, in my opinion, first and foremost the most important training we can give," said Chief Master-At-Arms Todd Bruce, as he facilitated the Deckplate Leadership module of CPO 365.

"My belief is first classes should work me out of a job, I work the senior chief out of a job and the senior chief works the master chief out of a job," said Bruce. "We are here to train the future leaders. They are the people sitting in this room and will sit in this room in the future. Taking care of our Sailors and leading the charge. This is what we have to consider in everything that we do."

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