Chief Petty Officer Selectee Leadership Course Ready for 2012 Induction Season

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By Susan Henson, Center for Personal and Professional Development Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- A new Chief Petty Officer Selectee Leadership Course (CPOSLC) will be available for this year's CPO Induction Season, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) (SS/SW) Rick D. West said July 27.

"Our Navy chief petty officer community is excited about this new training," said West.

"CPPD worked extremely hard to put together a good product that prepares selectees for the diverse responsibilities that come with our anchors. This combination of critical case studies, fundamental program awareness and practical knowledge will give selectees a solid foundation and help develop cohesion within the mess that is so instrumental in everything we do. Hooyah to the team that worked behind the scenes to bring it to reality ... their efforts are going to have a lasting and positive impact on CPO leadership across the Fleet," West added.
The Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) developed the course based on the results of a three-day Human Performance Requirements Review (HPRR) Board conducted in October 2011.

The HPRR board's members consisted of 45 senior enlisted leaders from across the fleet that included U.S. Fleet Forces Command Fleet Master Chief (AW/NAC) Mike Stevens, who has been selected to serve as the 13th MCPON, and Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet's Force Master Chief (SW/AW) James Williams. The board reviewed the previous Chief Selectee Training course to identify redundancies and overlaps of training, gaps in the objectives, and student learning strategies to align the new training with identified and validated requirements for CPO selectees.

The result was a complete revision of the course that now features an array of facilitation techniques to make the training more interactive and effective.

"CPOSLC is designed to prepare chief petty officer selectees as they transition into their new role," said CPPD Commanding Officer Capt. J. P. Newcomer, who was also a chief prior to being commissioned. "Each chief plays a unique role within the command and the organizational structure. The chief is the senior technical expert, manager of enlisted personnel and linchpin between officer and enlisted personnel. This course provides training on a series of duties, leadership themes and additional concepts that support and reinforce the critical duties of a CPO."
The course was developed over a five-month time frame and piloted in May at CPPD Learning Site Dam Neck, in Virginia Beach. Eight first-year chiefs served as students, and a team of three senior chiefs and a chief were the facilitators.

"The students unanimously agreed that this course was better than the one they received last year," said Master Chief Ship's Serviceman (SW/AW) Leon Hazley, CPOSLC course manager. "They liked the scenarios and the group discussions because it allowed them to give their opinions and share their experiences with each other."
While the previous course consisted of two phases, the new course has 14 topics divided into three units. It includes content such as leading and managing a division as a chief; mentoring and supporting junior officers; communicating effectively within the chain of command; and executing the expectations of your leadership triad, said Hazley.

Senior Chief Engineman (SW/PJ/DV) Ronald Shasky, lead facilitator for the CPOSLC pilot said, "The course is more interactive than the former version. There are group discussions, brainstorming activities, role plays, and a case study that will require students to rely on everything they've learned over the duration of the course to adequately resolve the issues presented in the study."
Hazley said the revision of the course afforded the chief's mess the ability to leverage its vast experience and deckplate leadership to add realism and relevancy to the course. "We infused the course with constant interaction between the CPO facilitators and selectees to give the students opportunities to draw on the experiences of their Shipmates in the Chief's Mess to fully prepare them to transition into the role of 'the chief.'"
Because the content is more facilitator based, selectees are able to exercise skills they learn immediately rather than listening in a traditional classroom setting and trying to recall the lessons later, said Shasky. "The students were highly motivated throughout the entire three-day course. Their engagement level and energy were phenomenal."
Hazley said that upon completion of the pilot, CPOSLC underwent a series of subject matter expert reviews by fleet and forces master chiefs, and West gave final approval for the course.

Per Naval Administrative Message (NAVADMIN) 272/08, this training is mandatory for all chief petty officer selectees and is to be completed prior to pinning. The course is available for download on Navy Knowledge Online as of July 27. Copies of the course will also be mailed out to all ships and commands outside the United States beginning July 30. Commands experiencing difficulties downloading the training will be allowed to use previously distributed training for this year only.

CPPD is the Navy's learning center of excellence that equips Sailors to think critically, act responsibly, and lead proactively through the Navy's voluntary education program as well as a wide range of personal and professional development courses and materials, including Navy instructor training, alcohol and drug awareness program training, suicide prevention, Bearings classes, and Personal Responsibility and Values Education and Training (PREVENT) classes, and General Military Training (GMT). CPPD's leadership training is delivered throughout a Sailor's career via command-delivered enlisted leadership training material and officer leadership courses in a schoolhouse setting.

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