Negotiate Early for Orders via CMS/ID

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The detailing window is nine-to-seven months before a Sailor's PRD. This allows for a three-month window to negotiate for orders before a Sailor is considered to be eligible for an involuntary "needs of the Navy" assignment.

CMS/ID uses color coding to identify jobs. The majority or jobs are displayed in the green zone and are considered open requisitions. Immediate requisitions - the most critical fills that could directly degrade mission capability if unfilled - are displayed in the red zone.

All red zone billets will be filled each cycle and any Sailor in the negotiating window is considered eligible for assignment to a red zone requisition.

Detailers will identify Sailors for assignment to critical red zone requirements using the priorities below in the following order.

* Volunteers.

* Sailors available for immediate assignment. Generally, these are Sailors returning to full duty from limited duty, or Sailors whose current assignment has been curtailed for some reason.

* Sailors who are unassigned and within the "needs of the navy" window.

* Sailors within nine months of their PRD. These Sailors will be further categorized by PRD month, starting with those who have been in their negotiation window the longest. Involuntary assignments of Sailors from within this category will be made only with detailer director approval.

CMS/ID has six phases each month; the requisition load phase where available billets are uploaded into the system; a requisition scrub phase where Navy officials validate uploaded billets; an application phase where Sailors in their orders-negotiation window can review and apply for advertised assignments; a command comments phase where commands may review, rank and comment on applications to advertised billets at their command; a detailer selection phase where detailers match applicants to jobs; and a system maintenance phase.

Sailors may log into CMS/ID anytime after the detailer selection phase to see if they have been selected for orders.

"We encourage all users to update their contact information on their User Profile, accessible from the Home menu. This provides the detailer a method to contact a Sailor in case they have a question about the application or need more information," said White. "In some cases it can mean the difference between a Sailor receiving the orders they applied for or not."

Some factors a detailer must weigh when matching Sailors to jobs include the Sailors desires, qualifications, career progression and cost to the Navy.

White recommends Sailors nearing their orders negotiation window speak with their chain of command and career counselor to discuss sea/shore flow and career enhancing billets before applying in CMS/ID.

Sailors can learn more about CMS/ID from their command career counselor or at Navy Personnel Command's CMS/ID Web page at

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